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Mention of Pilsen most often evokes beer and the famous legend that gave name to all its types more than 170 years ago. However, the city has more to offer, as the historical city centre features plenty of gems reminding of its rich history: the Gothic St Bartholomew‘s Cathedral with the highest church tower in the Czech Republic, Renaissance City Hall, the labyrinth of corridors of the Pilsen Historical Underground, Franciscan Monastery, and the unique Great Synagogue, which is the fourth largest synagogue in the whole wide world.

The City

The city's rich history has its beginning in 1295, when the first settlement was established as a royal town, and the position – on a crossover of both business roads and rivers – was quite advantageous, bringing considerable wealth to the city and its population. Business and art prospered significantly in the city of Pilsen, and at the time of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the well-known industrial giants were founded: Skoda and Pilsner Urquell Brewery. The industrial character of the city has been kept up to the present day, and the high level of cultural and social life in the city was also reflected in a characteristic constructional development that can still be seen in the central quarters, and especially on the Republic Square and in its surroundings. The city centre is surrounded by parks and alleys, lined with trees and flowers, and you can here enjoy many cafes and restaurants while watching street performances and open-air productions – all the sights are within walking distance, and there are various spots to catch a break (and breath again). The city's lively atmosphere, making for the title of 'European Capital of Culture' in 2015, roots in events and festivals happening all year long, and unique exhibitions, interesting theatres and dance performances attract visitors from all over the world, indulging in the city centre's happenings, and relaxing in romantic park areas nearby.


The year 2015 was exceptional for Pilsen, as it – back then – carried the title 'European Capital of Culture', and inspired prestigious foreign media to write about it on their pages. Nevertheless, the city kept this commitment to a lively and welcoming atmosphere, hosting annual events as well as periodic feasts, so if you plan to visit the Czech Republic in the foreseeable future, do not miss Pilsen and its unforgettable events.

Do & See

Pilsen city shape is dominated by impressive buildings and even more breathtaking historical monuments that cannot missed out when admiring the 'skyline', but you should also head there for having a proper look around. Take your time and stroll around in the city centre, as all the sights (and sites) are within walking distance, and you will probably find some hidden gem that you can then advise your friends.


In Pilsen, you can find a number of great restaurants serving both traditional Czech dishes and international cuisine. Take the chance to sit outside during the spring and summer months, at one of the many garden restaurants, while the winter brings cosy atmospheres to every venue as well.


In Pilsen, there are plenty of pleasant cafes where you can sip on your cup of coffee, tea or wine at a reasonable price, all in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Stroll around in the city centre, and just stop by any cafe that attracts you most. Here are some cafes, tea rooms and wine bars in the city center we would recommend visiting.

Bars & Nightlife

An endless source of entertainment and quality programs of various genres – that are Pilsen clubs. The best known ones include Zach's Pub, Buena Vista and Jazz Rock Café. There is also a lot of lively bars and nice places where you can spend a pleasant evening with your friends.

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